Mark Leichliter

The quiet of the morning A glowing overcast sky Another day arrives Again And again The routine can numb But in the repetition Lies a message A subtle signal Between the notes Another song Infinite and Transcendent Playing only for you And the mind Readied by routine

Roscoe and my sculpture, “Beginning.”

Flailing around as I try to figure out if I can use MarsEdit to copy my old Wordpress posts to my Forgive the lack of context and misdated posts. Mea Culpa!

Interwoven is still being woven.

I've been slowed down with the cold and a nice dose of the flu, but I am still plugging away on Interwoven.


“Interwoven” Sculpture: Progress

Been working on this for a few months. Getting closer…

What better way to say hello than with a Cat Pic?