emptyful - artwork by mark leichliter

Monocle, simple. This is the raw vector design from Affinity Designer. From here, a start adding textures and effects.

“Echo.” An earlier piece where the textures really came into their own. Just a few offset, formerly-concentric circles, layered and masked textures, and Percolator app circle packing. 🎨

Roscoe: Laptime AND sunbeam? I’m sooo there! 📷🐱

Space Rocks. 🎨

Horsetooth Rock. Local landmark in the foothills west of Fort Collins, Colorado.

My friend Bruce builds the best Solstice fires. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Are Favorites here on MB analogous to Twitter’s Likes?

‘Klaus’ on Netflix is a surprise. Good story, strong animation—but the backgrounds and scenery are fantastic! So spare and understated, a lesson in lost edges and muted tones. 😻

World On The Brink II A roasting planet teeters on the edge; do something! 🎨

Hold It Together.

Lemme try this again. @manton @macgenie @help I seem to have ended up with 2 microblogs. Not sure how I managed that, but I also can’t figure out how to delete the 2nd. 🆘

Up early for my dentist appointment. That doesn’t happen until 1:00 this afternoon. 🤓

Night Heat. Might have gone overboard on the circles on this, but I dig it. 🎨

Ripples in Space-Time: 1969

Painterly digital brushstrokes with subtle textures and a definite gap. Seems to be lacking some neurotransmitters, though.🎨

Anywhere But Here. Discovered some of my earlier pieces were missing signatures. I had a fantastic art teacher who told me to use the signature as a tool to discipline yourself about being FINISHED. Knowing when to stop takes practice and deep attention.

Message from 1985. A throwback to a simpler, apparently sloppier, time. 🎨

So, going from this…

To this…

“Interwoven.” One of the last public art sculptures I made. Installed at the Vogel-Schwartz Sculpture Garden in Little Rock, Arkansas.

‪The myth of meritocracy cannot die soon enough. ‬

“Artifact.” Another iPad artwork. 🎨

Speaking of artwork, this is “Glimpse.” Made on my iPad with Affinity Designer, Mextures, Union, and Percolator apps.

I’m back. Did you miss me? I’m hoping to stop flailing at Twitter, where I can’t seem to gain a foothold at building an audience for my artwork. Instagram actually works ok, but Facebook’s evil leer is disconcerting.

Let this thing go fallow for a while, but the latest fiasco with Facebook has me re-engaging. I don’t do FB, but rely very heavily on Instagram to promote my work. Hoping to change that, but not entriely sure how.

Roscoe and my sculpture, “Beginning.”